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Finding God in Tough Times (due out December, 2013, Zonderkidz)

Every girl deals with hard situations at some time in her life. Tough times range from bullying and coping with divorce to losing a loved one and experiencing abuse. Girls in the tween years (ages 8-12) are already dealing with new things like peer pressure and trying to fit in. When you add other stresses like step-families and addiction problems, the struggles can be overwhelming. Finding God in Tough Times can help a girl transform from feeling trapped to having hope.



When Jeri McKane enrolls in a southern boarding school, she has no idea she’ll be caught in the middle of life-threatening situations. Her roommate is kidnapped in Vanished, and friends become deathly ill in Poisoned. Jeri and her roommate are blackmailed in Betrayed. And Burned has Jeri scrambling to discover the identity of an arsonist on campus before many lives—including her own—are lost. (Zondervan Publishing, 2011) Read about Jeri and her friends at Boarding School Mysteries and tips on writing mysteries here and here.




Are you a ’Tween girl, full of special plans and hopes for your life? Have you run into challenges—maybe even roadblocks? What’s a Girl To Do? Take a break from your busy life and check out the FaithGirlz website created just for you. Then curl up with a friend for some Chick Chat or be encouraged by Shine On, Girl! and Girlz Rock!  (Just remember, No Boys Allowed!)

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In 48 short chapters, you'll find cures for dealing with disappointment and jealousy, writing despite physical and emotional pain, banishing procrastination once and for all, combining writing with parenting (from infancy to adulthood)--and more! (Writer's Bookstore, 2011)


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