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Christian Children's Mysteries Educational Writing
Christian Children's Mysteries Educational Writing


[A copy of A Dangerous Tide is housed in the Jane Austen House Museum's Reading Room, in Chawton Village, England.]  

"In friendship, J.A." is embroidered on the third silken square of Sofia's inherited heirloom quilt. In her research, Sofia finds herself on the trail of Jane Austen, the famous British author from Chawton Village. During the years Jane wrote Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility, she, her sister and her mother were surviving tough conditions prevailing in England during the Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812. Deprivation, shortages of food and medicines, and loved ones off to war contrasted sharply with the gentle romances she was writing. Jane preferred her fictional world, but events threatening her family and friends in Chawton Village forced her to deal with frightening events in the real world, including the accusations of smuggling leveled at her Navy brothers. Fans of Jane Austen's life and writings will enjoy this mystery, dealing with events that didn't really happen--but easily could have.

Annie's Publishing, 2015  

Annie's Secrets of the Quilt  


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In 1862, a young mother, Phoebe Ashford, has a deadly mystery to solve. Her husband, wounded at Fredericksburg, is hovering on the brink of dead in a makeshift Washington DC hospital. She goes to nurse him, but discovers that even if he survives, there is evidence that his guilty of desertion. Unless Phoebe can find evience to the contrary, he will face a firing squad as soon as he can leave the hospital. She finds an ally in Louisa May Alcott, who nursed at this hospital in 1862, but can they discover what really happened--and in time to save Phoebe's husband?

Annie's Publishing, 2016  

Annie's Secrets of the Quilt  




Charlotte Brontë and her sister, Anne, are riding the train back from London, where they had visited their publisher and “come clean” about who actually wrote Jane Eyre and the other Brontë novels. Charlotte meets a sick young woman on the train and befriends her, only to find the young woman dead in her compartment later during the train ride. Charlotte pressures the railway police who believe the girl’s death is from natural causes. Charlotte finally undertakes to solve the murder herself. Enjoy Charlotte’s home, the moors, the old train stations, and Charlotte’s famous family as she unravels the mystery. 

Annie's Publishing, 2016  

Annie's Secrets of the Quilt  




Kate's daughter, Vanessa, and Kate's best friend, Vivi, both become deathly ill after eating a meal with Kate. Kate becomes suspicious after Vivi has several recurrences of a mysterious illness. Kate is sure it is someone who is out to harm or worse, eliminate her friend, but no one will listen to her--not even Vivi.

Annie's Publishing, 2015  

Annie's Mysteries Unraveled 


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 Too much vanished to handle? Twelve-year-old Jeri McKane knew that attending boarding school hundreds of miles from home would be hard, but she never imagined anything like this. Her mom - too busy even to answer Jeri's phone calls and emails - sends the devastating word that she can't make it to Parents' Weekend. Then the school bus carrying Jeri's roommate Rosa mysteriously disappears. A natural sleuth, Jeri knows there are leads to be followed and follows her instincts to discover new dimensions of faith and courage. Can Jeri continue to trust God even in the most confusing of times?

Zonderkidz, 2011

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Book: Betrayed A serious misunderstanding leads to serious danger. Jeri McKane's world is turned upside down when her roommate Rosa blames Jeri for using a secret against her. If the real blackmailer isn't stopped, Rosa's secret could lead to her expulsion. Rosa's lead role in the school play also hangs in the balance---as does a special friendship. To make matters worse, Jeri's dad turns up after months of no communication. Why does everything have to be so complicated---and where is God when you need him? A gifted investigator, Jeri may require a power larger than herself to stay out of harm's way. Can she learn to reach out in time?

Zonderkidz, 2011

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Book: Burned Abby Wright is Jeri McKane's biology lab partner and close friend. When a mysterious explosion in their lab sends Abby to the hospital, Jeri's sleuthing nose smells more than just smoke. Can she unravel the mystery before anyone else gets hurt? Worse yet, is the firebug at Landmark School targeting her? In the face of great danger, middle-school classmates are faced with the choice to trust God or to give in to their fears. Will faith and friendship prevail or has Jeri finally met a challenge too big to handle?

Zonderkidz, 2011

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Book: Poisoned When a group of friends fall sick after preparing a birthday dinner, Jeri McKane suspects that the illnesses are linked. Is it simply an unfortunate event or have the friends been intentionally poisoned? Jeri's detective instinct says something isn't right, and the girls follow a trail that leads to some not-so-sweet evidence. Will the girls discover God's goodness and grace in the midst of unfair and sinister events, or will they be left with a permanently bad taste in their mouths?

Zonderkidz, 2011

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Buried Treasure & Holiday Hazard

Book: Buried Treasure Readers' and Writers' Workshop texts. Teach the reading, analysis, and writing of key genres in the Common Core Standards! Leveled books, including mentor texts, help students comprehend, respond, and create! Build comprehension and vocabulary. Support ELA genre and writing standards. Teach cross-text analysis for state assessments. Teach the writer's craft. Text-dependent comprehension question cards help students understand complex text and develop evidence-based answers. Includes 6 leveled texts and a teacher's guide.

Benchmark Education, 2011
ISBN-10: 978-1-4509-0082-9


Writing Mysteries for Young People

Book Writing Mysteries These sixteen chapters will show you how to construct a mystery. This includes the development of heroes, victims and villains, plotting and planting clues, creating the setting and scene of the crime—and then how to solve the mystery in a believable way. Read more.

Kristi Holl Books, 2004

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Stage Fright (Carousel Mystery #3)

Book: Stage Fright When Lauren joined the cast of the musical Annie, jr. for their Christmas production, the last thing she expected to encounter was a phantom. Performing on the stage of the historic Story Theatre-Grand Opera House is thrilling, but the cast got more than they bargained for. Dangerous accidents, eerie noises, sinister notes and missing money all threaten to close down the show before Opening Night. Then Lauren’s two best friends become targets. As time runs out, her desperate search for the culprit includes the maze of tunnels and secret rooms beneath the old theatre.

Mid-Prairie Books, 2000
ISBN-10: 0931209897
ISBN-13: 978-0931209895

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Deadly Disguise (Carousel Mystery #2)

Book: Deadly Disguise For Lauren Burk, the fun-filled Scandinavian Days Festival becomes an alarming weekend of fear. It should have been a successful weekend for her family’s newly formed “Carousel Catering” business, but it turns deadly when an elderly man at a family reunion dies from food poisoning. Lauren’s mother is blamed. Lauren panics, afraid that her own carelessness introduced salmonella into the food and caused the death. Or…did someone deliberately contaminate the food? Why is someone determined that the secret Lauren uncovers has to die with her?

Mid-Prairie Books, 1999
ISBN-10: 0931209838
ISBN-13: 978-0931209833

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A Spin Out of Control (Carousel Mystery #1)

Book: A Spin Out of Control Lauren Burk’s dream-come-true has become a nightmare! After dreaming of this day for months, Lauren’s favorite author, Elayna Marie Hayes, is visiting her school. Lauren’s nerves are frazzled as she delivers her introduction, then pulls back the stage curtain. Elayna’s not there! She’s disappeared without a trace. Soon Lauren and her friend Carl are pitted against someone willing to stake everything to keep a sinister secret buried forever.

Carribbean Books, 1998
ISBN-10: 0931209811
ISBN-13: 978-0931209819

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Danger at Hanging Rock

Book: Danger at Hanging Rock Brad needs to find acceptance. Can God help him? Anxious to prove his competence as a guide to his ranger father, fifteen-year-old Brad is appalled when, after being left in charge of a tour of Indian burial mounds, a five-year-old boy disappears, the victim of an apparent kidnapping.

David C. Cook Publishers/Chariot Family Pub, 1989
ISBN-10: 1555130674
ISBN-13: 978-1555130671

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The Haunting of Cabin 13

Book: The Haunting of Cabin 13 Thirteen-year-old Laurie, her family, and her best friend, Jenny, plan to spend a week's vacation in Cabin #13 at the lake in rustic Backbone State Park. But the first night, a ghost named Eleanor begins leaving notes warning the vacationers not to stay. Eleanor, who was also thirteen and occupied Cabin # 13, died the previous summer in a boating accident during the week she was there. Is she back, or is someone else the author of the notes? Strange bobbing lights around the woods and over the water, coded messages, and a canoe accident add more clues to the simmering plot that comes to a head when “Eleanor” is revealed. Backbone State Park will never be the same.

Atheneum, 1987; Dell Yearling, 1989; Royal Fireworks Press, 1996
ISBN-13: 9780440401827

WINNER of the 1990 Maryland Children's Book Award; also nominated for the 1990 Iowa Children's Choice Award

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Cast a Single Shadow

Book: Cast a Single Shadow With her mom arrested as a thief and the police not looking any further for the real criminal, seventh-grader Tracy searches for the wily, dangerous thief alone.

Atheneum, 1986; Dell Yearling, 1989
ISBN-10: 0440402220
ISBN-13: 978-0440402220

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Mystery by Mail

Book: Mystery by Mail Who was the blackmailer victimizing Kate's friends? Kate turns from school news reporter to super detective to find out...and as the threats become more and more serious and sinister, she dares to confront real danger face to face.

Atheneum, 1983
ISBN-10: 0689313748
ISBN-13: 978-0689313745

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