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Christian Children's Mysteries Educational Writing
Christian Children's Mysteries Educational Writing

More Writer’s First Aid: Getting the Writing Done

Book: MORE Writer's First Aid You won't actually find bandages or medicine in this book. But in 48 chapters, you will find cures for dealing with disappointment and jealousy, writing despite physical and emotional pain, banishing procrastination once and for all, and combining writing with babies, bylines, and school-age children. While your personal challenges and obstacles may not be the same as Kristi Holl's, her experience in mentoring hundreds of writers over 25 years has given her clear insight into the problems that beset writers of every stripe. You'll find that the 48 situations she describes are very familiar, and you'll find her solutions ingenious, simple, practical, and most of all effective.

Writer's Institute Publications, 2011
ISBN-10: 1889715638
ISBN-13: 978-1889715636

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Writer’s First Aid: Getting Organized, Getting Inspired, and Sticking to It

Book: Writer's First Aid Having overcome many personal struggles on the road to publishing success, Kristi Holl's keen observations about the writing life strike a chord with writers everywhere. Inspirational yet practical, Writer's First Aid is an invaluable resource for anyone who is determined to create the life of their dreams. You'll find the targeted guidance you need for your improved writing success in four easily referenced sections.

Section 1: "Getting Started"
Section 2: "Work Habits That Work for You"
Section 3: "Money and other Practical Matters"
Section 4: "Create the Writing Life You Want"

Writer's Institute Publications, 2006
ISBN-10: 188971531X
ISBN-13: 978-1889715315

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Boundaries for Writers

Book: Boundaries for Writers Why do writers need boundaries? Because insufficient boundary protection will derail your writing dreams faster than anything else. You need to guard your writer’s heart. In Boundaries for Writers, you'll learn: how to guard your writer's heart; how to reclaim your writing time as your own; how to rebuild physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bounaries so you can fulfill your writing dreams; how to identify "boundary busters" - and disarm them; and how to separate your tough business side from your sensitive creative side. READ MORE...

Kristi Holl Books, 2013

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50 Tension Techniques: Hold a Reader’s Attention from Beginning to End

Book: 50 Tension Techniques This book shares 50 techniques to create tension in your writing. Tension on every page is the ONE quality your writing needs to keep readers hooked and turning pages. What exactly is tension? And how can you possibly increase tension on every page? Simple techniques show you how to infuse page-turning tension into your dialogue, your plot, your setting descriptions, and your characterization, with nearly a dozen techniques for each. Learn a published author's "tricks of the trade" by using these practical techniques in your writing today. READ MORE...

Kristi Holl Books, 2000

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Writing Mysteries for Young People

Book Writing Mysteries These sixteen chapters will show you how to construct a mystery. This includes the development of heroes, victims and villains, plotting and planting clues, creating the setting and scene of the crime—and then how to solve the mystery in a believable way. READ MORE...

Kristi Holl Books, 2000

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