Loving Books: from Reader to Writer

As a child, my best friends lived between the covers of books, as real to me as people I could reach out and touch. I love creating that same experience for readers. My love of writing has produced more than 55 traditionally-published booksIt’s not about how talented you are–and it’s not who you know–that gets you published. Most published writers are simply those writers who refused to quit. I can help you persevere until you publish. To get started, grab my FREE Rx for Writers: Managing Your Writing Space and Your  Writing Time e-book.

I enjoy encouraging a love of writing in others. Teaching writing for 27 years led to two writing books (Writer’s First Aid and More Writer’s First Aid,) three e-books for writers, plus hundreds of posts in my Writer’s First Aid Blog. I also enjoy doing critiques for other writers. I sincerely hope that these tools help you write what you love.